Holy Goods & Co. Mustache Wax 2 oz

Holy Goods & Co. Mustache Wax 2 oz

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Having a beard is like have another head of hair on your chin. A beard requires its own arsenal of care products. Holy Beard Balm will help you to have more manageable beard hair that holds it's shape better smells awesome at the same time. This is a product that doubles as a hair and skin moisturizer on top of adding shine and body to your beard.

Made with pure organic beeswax while blending natural essential oils along with added vitamins that will promote hair growth,conditioning while keeping your hair strong and healthy.

Cera Flava(Organic yellow beeswax), Sweet Almond(essential oil), Jojoba(essential oil), Organic Coconut Oil, Pure Vitamin Oil, Lavender(essential oil)